I’m a firm believer that if you’re not interested in the book you’re reading anymore, then it doesn’t seem much use in finishing it. This is exactly what I found with Plague by Michael Grant, the 4th installment in his Gone series.

The previous book, Lies, was mediocre for me, but I finished it, and therefore felt obliged to continue with the series. I had got to about halfway through Plague when I started asking myself if I really cared enough about these characters and story-lines to finish the book. Obviously, the answer was no.

I began to find Grant’s writing in this series a bit basic, losing my engagement several times. It was still as action packed as the other books, but there as just something about reading this one that was enough for me. Maybe it’s because recently I’ve been buying quite a few books that I’m excited about, diminishing the excitement about Plague. I began to fall out of love with the story and the characters. The protagonist I once found endearing, I now just found irritating and brooding and the supposed villain was so far away from the main conflict of the plot it made me question if he was much of a threat in the first place.

Overall, it’s very likely I may never return to this series again. But I’m feeling optimistic and maybe I won’t give away those books just yet…


One thought on “Plague

  1. Nice to see you’ve been catching up on reading! I can relate I feel the same about God Help the Child by Toni Morrison. As soon as it was published I bought my copy. I read eagerly at first but over time I lost interest ☹

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