Discovering Crime Fiction

It was just recently that I finished reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, the first crime fiction book that I have read. Previously, I have never thought about picking up any crime fiction novels and only started reading Brown’s novel because it was recommended to me by a friend.

Since finishing The Da Vinci Code, I have started to reflect on my choices when I choose a novel to read,and perhaps why crime fiction has never appealed to me in the past. One way to back track my choices is by looking at my past attempts to immerse myself into the genre by reading A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Cohan Doyle, one of the authors many famous Sherlock Holmes tales. Even at this stage, I didn’t pick up the book because I was particularly fascinated with the crime genre, but instead it was because of the growing popularly of the Sherlock Holmes character, especially in the recent television adaptations. To be truthful, I expected this book to be a very quick and easy read, the novel being just over 150 pages. However, my younger self was left disappointed when a week later I hadn’t even reached the 100th page. As someone who is now older and therefore more well read, I often think about whether my opinion of A Study in Scarlet would be any different to how it was before. I remember finding the book very slow paced and rather actual than creative, perhaps because I was expecting the same excitement from the television show to shine through in the novel.

It had been several years before I even thought about picking up another crime novel and I am very glad that the one that got me properly into the genre was The Da Vinci Code. For me, it seemed to serve the purpose of being fast-paced with multiple plot twists and secrets that made sure I never put it down. The scenes were energetic in the way Brown wrote them, almost as if you are discovering the secrets at the same time as Robert Landon. I think the main reason as to why I haven’t read any crime fiction is because I was already too immersed in the fantasy genre. I poured over the works of Tolkein and Rowling and, quite naively, only saw myself enjoying novels written about another world. I still enjoyed contemporary, but I have always associated my true love for reading in fantasy books.

The real world seemed boring to me and I wanted to read whatever I could that would mean I could escape it. As a more mature reader (who still adores the fantasy genre), I have began to appreciate the works of crime fiction and how the authors can warp our own reality, showing the reader how exciting and action packed the real world can be.


2 thoughts on “Discovering Crime Fiction

  1. I really enjoyed the Da Vinci Code. Yet sometimes I felt irritated by the amount of dialogue and found I was constantly having to ‘go back’ and find out somehow who was speaking.
    ut have to agree, great story and great story telling!

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