So I’m finally getting around to writing my review on Hunger by Michael Grant, the second installment of the Gone series! There is the common misconception (usually made in trilogies) that most sequels suffer the ‘second book blues’, but I can certainly say Hunger was an exception.

At first, Hunger seemed a non-starter. Yes, the introduction of hunger being an important issue in apocalypse situations was different, but it seemed that in the first few chapters not much was going to change. It was only when Grant integrated ‘The Darkness’ into more scenes that things got interesting. Reading a scene about a bunch of kids whining about being hungry can take its toll after a while, but an ominous and dangerous entity being hungry? Now that makes things interesting. The way Grant writes the Darkness or the ‘gaiaphage’ almost gives a sense of inevitability: surely a bunch of kids with some weird mutations can’t stop this destructive force?

When the Darkness was written into more scenes, I began to question how Grant was actually going to connect this monster with the characters. Queue Lana Lazar! I would definitely say that Lana is one of the most strongest and complex characters in the series so far. Despite being a healer, her mind is far from undamaged. The Darkness begins to latch onto her and distort her mind, making her story arc much more compelling compared to the other characters.

Without giving away too much, there are definitely enough questions left unanswered in Hunger to compel me to carry on with the series, but not too many to make me feel like I learnt nothing in the book I read. I rate this book a solid 4/5 stars!

A review for Lies (the third books in the series) will be up soon!)


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